Setup a Agency Level e-commerce PPC Campaign



Ecommerce is a challenging area of digital marketing. If done correctly it can be very very profitable. On the flip side it is a great place to quickly burn your budget and have nothing to show. If you are going to succeed you need a strong team to guide you & you need to have 100% confidence in their experience/ tech skills. We’re one of the top selling PPC teams on PPH for the last 6 years – with almost 600 projects under our belt – we’ve got a solid 99% rating that we hope speaks for itself. In addition we are one of Google Elite Premier Partners – their top 1% performing teams globally.

Alongside our tech skills we have 1st hand eComm exprience. Before offering our services to companies we built our own Ecomm success story – building & subsequently selling one of the largest gift experience sites on the web. Gifts is competitive & we know how tough it can be achieving success. Over the last 15 years we’ve built & managed every campaign you can imagine from spends of £500 p/m to £70k. Ecomm is tough & dynamic & needs to be setup/ deployed correctly if you are to have any chance of succeeding. Every website & commercial offering is different & we consider our teams experts in pinning down each unique PPC strategy that’s needed for Ecommerce success. Our knowledge, expertise & experience has translated into millions of sales for our clients. Whether you need a campaign for Google or Yahoo/ Bing Search Ads or a fully integrated Google Shopping Ads vehicle with full Remarketing my Ecomm team will get you setup and ready for battle.

We will set up either Google Search OR Yahoo/ Bing eCommerce PPC campaign that will deliver a strong uplift in sales across these networks.

What You Get:

– Phone consultation to disucss brief/ USP’s and & goals
– Connect your shopping campaign
– Fully search optimised Adwords or Y/ B Account
– Deep dive keyword research
– Negative keyword list limit to reduce wasted spend
– Dynamic ad copy + Multiple ad variations for desktop/ mobile traffic
– Ad extensions – Sitelinks, Call/ Location & Review Extensions
– Geo targeting/ Scheduling optimisation
– Tailored bid strategy for multiple devices
– 45 minute handover / consultation