Write a Press Release



We are a reputed PR firm with extensive knowledge in Press Release writing and distribution. We have helped more than 3000 clients launch their press release campaign which resulted in huge media exposure and brand awareness.

This is what you will Get:

✔ A 400+ words powerful press release will be written by a writer with Journalistic background or Experience with PR firms.

✔ It will be sent to you for approval before publishing.

✔ After Approval, we will Publish PR to 100+ sites which includes submission to Local Media sites

✔ We will then send the PR to various Indian media sites

✔ We will share your PR on many Social Media accounts for more publicity and exposure.

✔ We will send you complete report where your PR is published.

Your Press release will be syndicated in thousands of sites in short time which may result in huge exposure, awareness and increased traffic. You will get hundreds of backlinks and boost in seo.

We also Guarantee Google News Inclusion